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Better Together

Scotland has decided. The nation has decided. It is final- the vote is NO!
I can’t describe my relief and joy. 

'United we stand, divided we fall'

Common sense prevailed. True patriotism prevailed. True love for Scotland has prevailed.

Vote No! Please, Vote No!

I had wanted to keep my mouth shut, but I can no longer keep silent; especially today. It frustrates me that so many are being mislead into believing lies, half truths, and pure propaganda. Scotland, I want you to be independent, I truly do. However, not now- you are not ready. You have no plan. You have no means for proper independence. 

The current situation is not leading Scotland into independence; its Isolation. Let me say this again ISOLATION! There is no guarantee that you will be part of the U.N. or N.A.T.O. There is no guarantee that independence will mean a wealthier Scotland. There is no guarantee that the N.H.S will continue! It goes on and on! NO NO NO

You are shutting out the voice of others;  this current Scotland is not the Scotland you envisioned.Open your ears and mind; look for the facts yourself. Don’t be misguided; form your own true judgements. 

I know I probably will get allot of hate. After all, what would I know. But I do, I might be British-born in England; but I am also Taiwanese. Taiwan is in a situation much graver than Scotland, no matter how much you protest. We are independent, we have always been- but because of our small size, we have to struggle against China and the rest of the World. It pains me that I can no longer write R.O.C, it hurts me that my country can have no voice in the U.N., and it makes me weep that we don’t have any real forms of protection. We can’t even fly our flag at the Olympics or Asia Games. We can’t play our national anthem during these events. We are treated with the utmost disrespect anyone can show our country. It is an insult to see Chinese Taipei and not R.O.C or Taiwan. So while I can sympathise, I also have to be realistic. Compare Scotland and Taiwan, you have to appreciate just how lucky you are.

If you want independence, Scotland and the Scottish people, work towards it- have a achievable plan. If it is what you truly want; make it your goal. It might take 20 years, it might take 50, or it make take 100. But until you have the whole consensus agreeing upon this goal, until you have an actual plan that will work, and until you know what your are doing - vote no.

I love Scotland. I was named after the Isle of Skye. While I might not be Scottish, it has given me my namesake and my identity. In my heart, there will always be a special place for Scotland. It has become a part of me and I want what’s best for it. Please make the right choice- vote no.